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Oh, God, I missed House and House fic. Cannot wait for the day where I'm awake and not at work so there can be three weeks' worth of catching-up at [ profile] house_wilson.

But I did just read this fantastic new 14,500-word H/W story called "My Favorite Year" by [ profile] silversolitaire that you must see for yourselves. Nineteen-year-old Wilson and 26-year-old House meet at med school. A summary won't do it justice, so I'll just repeat part of my comment to the author: Solid throughout, funny and poignant, sensual and vibrant, and full of brilliant quips, actions and reactions that fit House and Wilson so well, despite (or thanks to?) it being AU. It's right up there with the other delightful story I've read with a similar premise, "Just One Kiss," and given a little time it'll probably surpass it.

While we're at it, before I left I read a fic called "Strange Attractors" by xeno that needs to be added to that list of unusually-formatted fics I posted a couple of months ago. Based on a principle of chaos theory, it lays out side-by-side what-if's tracing House and Wilson's friendship/relationship (or lack thereof) over the years, suggesting that some things, however trivial, are inevitable in both timelines—like House/Stacy and certain clinic patients and three divorces for Wilson—while others that seem so critical are actually delicate and hinge on the tiniest of coincidences. A butterfly flaps its wings, and the two men never get closer than nods in the hallway.

Am working on the trip summary, honest. It's just that the stubborn jet lag and swift-returning misanthropy keep getting in the way. Forty-eight hours home and already itching to throttle people. On the bright side, I found out today that one of my clients did his undergrad, internship and residency at McGill.

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*waves to new friends* Hi, you all met me at a Harry Potter conference but I talk about House a lot. If you're like [ profile] ryokophoenix, my apparent Australian soul mate, and know both fandoms and happen to like Wilson and Lupin, you might enjoy this post, which I really ought to respond to soon. If not, stay tuned for my upcoming Sirius/Remus [ profile] slashfest entry. And of course the Patronus write-up.


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