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I have mostly recovered from Vividcon. I think. Wed-Thu-Fri-Sat evenings I did things with people, and work is busy, so it's taken a while. Haven't yet watched most of the vids I missed, and need to respond to those of you who were kind enough to comment on the con report.


Started one of the last readily available Paul Bettany movies this weekend, an English miniseries from 1998 called Coming Home. It appears to be about adopted families and class tensions and WWII and coming of age and love.

Baby Keira Knightley played the main character in the first part and she was adorable and had chemistry with everybody. Then she got replaced by baby Emily Mortimer playing the same character "two years" older*, because baby Keira Knightley I guess was too young to be shown kissing Paul Bettany, and as is usually the way with these sorts of things, it was hard to transfer affection from one actress to another. Emily Mortimer's face and hair here put me off.

*EM is 14 years older than KK

Funny how in the beginning of his film career PB seems to have gotten cast as either a gangster/hitman/street punk or a pretty love interest, or sometimes both at once. Here he is the love interest, or one of them; there is a love triangle I am pretending will end in a threesome even though it won't. In fact, I don't think he's in the second half of the miniseries at all. (ETA: Incorrect.) He spent a lot of time in the first half smoking cigarettes and looking apologetic for being so tall.

Despite the somewhat stilted acting and the preponderance of too-quick scenes that result from a book adaptation, overall it is a pleasant period drama (er, aside from one uncomfortable plotline that is over now) and I am looking forward to receiving the next hour and a half from Netflix.


Tried a new Zumba class this evening. First time I've gone to a fitness class in a while, and it felt good. Will try to go again tomorrow, since it's only on the gym schedule Mon-Tue right now. [personal profile] thedeadparrot is inspiring.

After (re)watching Wimbledon as part of this marathon, I started to dream about playing tennis, which I haven't played in something like 10 years. It's too expensive and country-club-feeling to get access to the courts at work even with staff affiliation, and I don't think any local friends play with whom I could go use community courts--correct me if I'm wrong--but I found some tennis Meetup groups this weekend and plan to check them out when the timing and locations are right. Hopefully one will work so I can brush up on my skills without annoying my partner(s) and can add something different to the activity rotation.

(There hasn't been much activity at all lately, which doubtless explains why when I'm not at cons or neck deep in a work project, I've been feeling fairly blah.)


It's hot. It's August. Alas. The good news is that when my mom comes to visit this weekend, temps are supposed to fall from 95 to 80ish. Better hope of good sleeping. If the weather holds, we will enjoy a treat: John Williams' Film Night on the lawn at Tanglewood (although due to an injury, Keith Lockhart will conduct in his place). The program was great fun last year at Symphony Hall.


We shall close with a couple of video clips akin to what [personal profile] thedeadparrot and I saw on Saturday at an event called Ignite!, which involved fiery arts by members of the Boston Circus Guild such as flaming hula hoops and a flaming ball on a chain. Flaming swordfight and flaming whip were two of my favorites. There is something about controlled fire in the darkness that gets you right in the hindbrain. Here are some more clips, including a dude dressed like Petyr Baelish.

I'd like to say it nudged me toward working on the last Dustfinger fic, which will be OT4 that builds on the canonical m/m soulbonding, but there's too much else going on right now.
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1. I made a (Festi)vidlet today! That feels good. Then moved on to actual assignment and got a few short segments of clips laid down. I'm starting with the easy one(s), lest the process and/or daunting editing job scare away whatever oomph has come back. It took a few tries to remember how to even get clips from the preview window onto the timeline in Premiere.

2. Reserving judgment until the end, but to my surprise, halfway through, I am mostly enjoying the new Anne Rice book. It helps immensely that it's a sequel to The Queen of the Damned, the last good one IMO. Even though new characters and characters from the books in between are in it, like Benji and Thorne and some ghosts and Talamascans and stuff, the events concern what happened in QotD and the ancient history outlined therein. It's kinda fun. As long as the Voice doesn't turn out to be divine.

2a. This brick of a library hardcover has actually become a good conversation starter. The hairdresser griped with me about the QotD movie while he set me up under the dryer yesterday. (p.s. Annual haircut achieved! It's short and side-parted and I think I just have to keep fluffing it until it relearns how to behave.) A neighbor told me that his wife liked the first few back in the day. A couple of people at work said they preferred the Mayfair series. Etc.

3. Is it possible to approach a movie with low expectations and high hopes at the same time? That is how I felt going into Interstellar. It turned out there was no need to worry. Spoiler-free reaction ) The rest of the day, my mom and I were all *happy sigh*.

4. Then I showed her Star Trek: Into Darkness and commiserated as she whimpered at the utter destruction of all she holds dear in TOS. She did like Karl Urban's McCoy, and despite her protest at Scotty becoming the comic relief she laughed at him calling Kirk "mad bastard."

5. A story came to me out of the blue yesterday morning before I got out of bed. Aliens and size differentials and erotica and maybe entirely OCs. IDEK. We'll see if it gets written down.

Back to work tomorrow. Possibly with vid song still stuck in my head.
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I assumed this was on Tumblr somewhere and that everyone who had a feeling about The Avengers or Guardians of the Galaxy would already have seen it. But it seems perhaps not. Therefore I share with you: If 'The Avengers' Were Cereal Mascots... Because: Groot Loops! Loki Charms! So cute.


Aw, see, this is why I liked Theon Greyjoy professor. His reply to my email after we crossed paths, wherein I said I wasn't sure if he'd remembered me at first and would he like to have coffee and catch up sometime:
Hi [bironic]. I have a horrible memory for faces and names with most people, because they're boring, but I certainly never forgot yours whatsoever. I would love to get together with you sometime, for coffee/tea or even a more grown-up drink somewhere. [...] I'll save my ruminations on things gallifreyan till we meet in person. I am LOVING series 8 & capaldi. It seems as if someone's given Moffat a much-needed kick up the arse or a dressing-down or something.


I have been sick a lot in the last couple of months in several different fun and exciting ways, after not having been sick at all since moving to Boston. I am ready for it to end. *coughs*


At [ profile] thedeadparrot's this weekend I mentioned how The Fast & The Furious's focus on Dom's family & chosen family, particularly the 6th movie, which we were watching, reminded me of Lilo & Stitch's "Ohana means family. Family means no one gets left behind," and then it turned into a sort of drinking game in which we were not actually drinking. Now I kind of want to do a vidlet of F&F set to L&S audio.

That is separate from the ridiculousness that is The Rock's biceps in that film. So large. So large. He can't put his arms down at his sides, you guys.


Did you know Anne Rice has a new Vampire Chronicles book coming out? I did not know. Prince Lestat. She is coming to the Harvard Bookstore on her tour to sign it. Unfortunately it is at noon on a Tuesday and costs something like $30, so I will not be going. But I put a hold on the book at the library. We'll see if there's anything decent in it. The title is, you will probably agree, not promising.



Now off for bedtime reading. After Hark! A Vagrant and Being Mortal, there is Best American Comics 2013 to try. Interested in knowing more about current comics & graphic novels. I wanted to check out Saga from the library after hearing it recced on Pop Culture Happy Hour, but the first volume was unavailable. Also want(ed) to read Sex Criminals but didn't see it on the shelf at a glance. Oh, well.
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Life Things are Happening that I will talk about soon, and that has made things busy. As usual. What is the pathology for inability to chill out?


Anyway, the second basement-cleaning trip went well enough aside from the grime. My dad handled everything well -- I underestimated his desire and ability to get rid of a lot of the stuff down there -- and the two of us made another big dent in the clutter. Let's see if I can remember some gems. On the Why? side: five or six boxes of hanging file folders, 19 rolls of packing tape, and several pounds of paper clips. On the sentimental side: early childhood Apple II floppy disks and keyboard covers for things like Stickybear, Facemaker, Iggy's Gnees, Grandma's House, Dinosaur Dig and Muppet Learning Keys. And of course EZ Logo and, later, Print Shop. Also some more adorable schoolwork. ♥ On the What the heck do we do with all this? side: a dozen boxes of computer software and piles and piles of computer hardware going back to at least 1980.

I didn't find the piece of kinky noncon "art" drawn on the back of some elementary school homework that got me into trouble with the school psychologist, but I did find a similar one from what must have been the same era:

cut for sensitivity )

Also, baby's first vampire creations:

 photo 20130804_183938_zps0a1bb1d8.jpg    photo 20130808_203046_zps9d32a18f.jpg

*shakes head fondly*


Vidding quandary. I want so badly to include scenes from The Green Table ballet in my next vid, but the quality of the YouTube file that I snagged a couple of years ago (before it disappeared, whew) sucks compared to the rest of the sources going into the project. Yet it is the only footage of these scenes from the ballet that I can find anywhere. (There are some decent clips available of the politicians arguing around the green table, but that's not what I need.) Scrunchy face.

Speaking of vidding, Vividcon is this weekend. I'm not able to go, but people's vids will happen! Including [ profile] jetpack_monkey's Starships remix! Excited.


There was all this other stuff I wanted to tell you... Oh, good movies: Fish Tank, about a troubled teenage girl who seems to have an opportunity to turn her life around when she falls for her mother's new boyfriend (a young Michael Fassbender); Bliss (Mutluluk), about a young Turkish rape survivor who wins over her would-be executioner as well as everyone else she meets while on the run; and Daydream Nation, a weird/quirky heavily stylized Canadian indie film about some outcast teens and their parents and teachers during a pivotal few months of school, which I kept thinking about for days (and which contained a joke about Atom Egoyan, helping win my heart) even though it wasn't really about the student/teacher relationship that drew me to it in the first place. Saw The Queen of Versailles, too, and was interested in that dual fascination/repulsion way, but didn't think it was as spectacular or revealing as reviews suggested.

ETA: Oh, duh. [ profile] cincodemaygirl, [ profile] alpheratz and [ profile] corbae threw a hipster-themed party (ironically, of course) the other weekend and it was much fun. In addition to the silly theme, the snacks and the opportunity to see some local fans who've been scarce of late, like [ profile] v_greyson, [ profile] roga was in town (well, in country) and managed to make it down for a few hours. That was great, though short.


*cough* So, you know, hi. Thinking of you and reading your posts even if I don't comment a lot.


May. 12th, 2013 03:55 pm
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BRB, hammering out a vid past on deadline. Wanted to say hi, though.

1. Happy Mother's Day, mothers! Happy Sunday, everyone else.

2. Saw Iron Man 3 last week (grade A for dialogue and Ben Kingsley) and will be seeing Star Trek: Into Darkness this week (low expectations).

3. Haven't tried yet to push past page 15 of Fifty Shades Darker, but will be going to a conveniently timed spoof musical next week.

4. Have been a busy social bee. In a little over a week there's been a combo birthday/graduation party, Cinco de Mayo baby shower, work happy hour, living room string quartet/quintet goodbye party, the aforementioned movie, and EU embassy hopping yesterday for Passport DC, highlights of which included a 6'6" Revolutionary War reenactor with huge arms and leather wrist cuffs (Portugal), folk dancing (Latvia) and a trivia quiz (Estonia). Followed by the best pizza I've had outside Brooklyn, at a restaurant called Sorriso in Cleveland Park. Friend A. gets all the gold stars for taking us there.

5. Work is going to be stressful for the next month. Trying not to think about it.

Okay, back to work. Er, the fun kind of work.
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Am experiencing that unfortunate blogging state where you don't post for a while and then there are too many things to talk about, so you don't talk about any of them, repeat until something gives. Let us try to overcome the blockage through the magic of a "five things" format:

1. I am reading the Twilight series. No, really. )

2. I watched seasons one and two of Girls. )

3. synn and I accidentally made The Challah That Ate Pennsylvania. )

4. Went to an excellent Sigur Ros concert. )

5. Five things, five things, hm. Starships and Home showed at Muskrat Jamboree and apparently were well received, yay. Many thanks to those of you who texted or emailed or dropped comments to report on how the vidshow went. Starships'll be showing at VidUKon soon, which is also awesome. Meanwhile, someone is doing a really cool project that involves one of my vids; I got to see a draft today, and it's going to be exciting to talk about when it's out in the world.

Looking forward to the time, ever closer, when my brain decides to be productively creative again. Mayhap it will involve one of the "gift basket" mini cards at Kink Bingo. Or not, since work is busy and my mom will be visiting next week.

Either way, for now, it's National Poetry Month once again, which means it's... time to read more poetry. Reading poetry means reading slowly, means appreciating the aesthetics of language, the exquisite ways artists find of expressing the simplest, most ordinary experiences, or of articulating what had seemed to be ineffable. Means slowing down the brain. Taking time. Thinking. So different from the skimming and attention dividing that tends to dominate my days. I didn't used to be like that, when I was a teenager. (Ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny in the metaphorical sense that my personal [d]evolution from measured, thoughtful and introspective to fragmented, rushed, digital- and social network-immersed reflects our culture's shift over the past couple of decades?) Poetry Months—and Septembers, when I remember the beginnings of school years—always make me wonder whether and how you can restore yourself.
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Internet! Never leave me again. *clutches*

We lost connectivity for about five days after the big storm blew through Friday night. Thankfully, we only lost power for about an hour. It's been a real mess in the area with huge downed branches and debris in the roads, traffic lights out, buildings closed, and friends and coworkers without power during a heat wave that still hasn't abated. They measured wind gusts of 80 mph. One week later, things are almost back to normal.

I wasn't even in town when it happened; I was up in PA visiting [ profile] synn, hurrah, after she'd been away on a long business trip. We got quite the lightning show, but no audible rain or wind.

Things that have happened in the last week:
  • Went to an excellent barbecue for the 4th, where there were friends and friends-of-friends and also hot dogs (hot dogs! it'd been maybe a year), plus many fannish quotables that I didn't write down and therefore have completely forgotten. I made these patriotic strawberries for the occasion. Yum.

  • Got my Kink Bingo card, chose a column, and started a fic. It... may involve Beauty and the Beast characters. Two thousand words and counting.

  • Watched Thor (terrible, but the Asgard costumes were pretty) and Captain America (surprisingly enjoyable and much more heartfelt in comparison, plus bonus Hugo Weaving) with synn. Now am possibly up to speed on the whole Avengers blockbuster-backstory thing. Minus The Hulk, which I don't plan on seeing.

  • We also watched two fun/awful/sweet gay movies: Longhorns (2011), which started out ridiculous and managed to get even more so, and The Trip (2002), in which not!Armand seduced low-budget!Jake Gyllenhaal and then it was historical fiction set in San Francisco in the 70s and 80s and then it was a Mexican road trip/heist.

  • Still haven't gotten around to seeing Prometheus. Or Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. Soon enough it will be time too for Batman: Inception.

  • Am up to Volume Two of the Top Ten comic series that [ profile] holli lent me at [ profile] con_txt. The first volume was interesting and clever, although I know I missed countless references because I'm not well versed in comics. The second volume so far is excellent. The first chapter/issue centered on the aftermath of a midair accident that fused some travelers together, sort of like splinching in Harry Potter, and was really haunting. Now there are gladiatorial games and angst.

  • Keeping up with True Blood, which is as wacky as ever. I swear, I'd have a single-fanwork blackout picspam from the few episodes that've aired this season if only the kinks matched up to my card.

Okay. Have to post a different picspam, catch up on people's posts, and, uh, do some work.
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[ profile] perspi clued me in that Remix Madness is happening again this year -- an opt-in, no-obligation, week-to-write-it accompaniment to the main Remix challenge where you can remix the fic of anyone who's signed up (assuming you have signed up as well) regardless of whether you are participating in Remix proper. I've offered my stories for remixing (comments page 7). Lord knows whether I can wring out a fic by next Monday, but I'm having a good time picking through other people's sign-ups and brainstorming.

Life lately:

(1) Hosted [ profile] synn for a day of wandering around the annual Sakura Matsuri cherry blossom street festival, snacking on sushi and soba and mochi, sipping bubble tea -- well, bubble slushies; there was no tea -- and perusing various craft booths. A favorite was with its salmon roll pillows and Team Tesla t-shirts. Then we enjoyed a few temporary exhibits at the natural history museum, such as the fish x-rays room, a mix of art and science from the Smithsonian's fish library (because saying "fish library" or "fish pickles," i.e. fish preserved in formaldehyde, will never stop being funny), and the Nature's Best Photography gallery, which made us wonder more than once why some shots earned Grand Prize or Winner status while other Highly Honored shots held us more in thrall; see for example our favorite, the shallow-depth-of-field green snake photo all the way on the right in the Flash gallery at the link above. Also we had a tasty Ethiopian veggie sampler and enjoyed Jude Law and Robert Downey Jr. heavily flirting on a rerun of the Graham Norton Show (starts at about 17:30, but hey, Eddie Izzard before that).

(2) Have watched a season and a half of Battlestar Galactica. Am enjoying it as much as I anticipated, which is to say very much, helped by having remained unspoiled for almost everything, but I wasn't expecting the onslaught of religious themes. I am told it'd be best to quit after season two, but I probably won't have the willpower to look away until I'm as mad as everyone else at whatever happens after that.

(3) Was there anything else? Going to see The Hunger Games this week with a coworker and celebrate National Grilled Cheese Month at dinner beforehand. Weather is beautiful. Allergies suck when they strike. Daffodils are pretty? So is Katee Sackhoff? (I get it now. I totally do.)
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Gosh, where to start.


I have been feeling generally emotionally flat, but good things have been happening, which is… good.
  • I am navigating a job shift that should entail greater employment security and significantly higher salary for the cost of a trade-off I think I am at this point willing to accept.

  • My out-of-state friend A. came to visit for Yom Kippur and we did harvest-y things and ate the best Belgian waffles and chive scrambled eggs I have ever experienced.

  • My other friend A. and her husband invited me to the Maryland Renaissance Festival this weekend. I have only been to one Ren fair, in Sherwood Forest, which was delightful and had a jousting match. This go 'round may see that jousting match and raise it meat on a stick.

  • Thought I ruined my chances with this guy I like, but it turns out maybe not. Coworker and I went to a concert last night in which both he and aforementioned friend A. played. He is so pretty, friends, and French, among other things. I want so much for him to be interested. Je veux pratiquer mon français (cela fait 10 ans que j'ai pris un cours) pour mieux parler avec lui. …I had to look up "mieux" for that. Anyway, stay tuned.


Alive and kicking, despite a lack of fic or vid posts since the end of Bingo.
  • Salon article/advice column of note: "I love gay male porn." The good: it got through the obvious stuff and the clichés fairly quickly and went on from there. The not so good: reference from the Ogas & Gaddam dream team. But that was followed by a description of slash, so.

  • Am only one week behind on House now; Project Runway continues to entertain; and I started watching and have been really enjoying the Eleven-and-Amy series of Doctor Who. I am apparently still a sucker for plots involving a young girl who meets a sci fi hero and then later in life has the chance to go on adventures with him. Even if he can be an arrogant, misogynist dick.

  • Other coworker and I went to see 50/50, the based-on-the-writer's-experience cancer movie with Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Seth Rogen and Anjelica Huston. It was entertaining. Sort of a romanticized/smoothed-over tale of what it might be like to be a middle-class West Coast 27-year-old and get a horrifying diagnosis like that. Had some real breakthrough emotional moments towards the end, right before and right after JGL's character's surgery. Also had a hilarious scene where Seth Rogen told off JGL's girlfriend. Overall solid. Not quite blunt enough to be novel, too amusing to really hit home—although the humor also served that timeless purpose of setting you up to be hit harder by the sadder content.

  • [ profile] festivids 2011 is about to start! I signed up for 9 sources that I have ideas for, and I have a 10th idea in case of treat opportunity. Am particularly jazzed about two of them. We'll see what gets matched.

  • Have gotten back into writing Mary Sue id fic this past week or so. It makes me happy.
Et vous, flist?
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I posted two vids over the holiday weekend, to the general sound of crickets. :) In case any of you are interested but didn't see, they are:

Born Too Late, a Star Trek: Deep Space Nine ensemble vid about dressing up and roleplaying as people from the(ir) past. I really enjoyed making it. Man, I miss that show.

Let's Get Messy, a multifandom vidlet of sexy mud/clay/dirt scenes that came together on Sunday when I found a suitable song by typing "messy" into the YouTube search bar. Ended up using source footage from Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Roar as originally planned and then adding True Blood, Sex and Lucia and SGA to round things out. Never knew I'd make a vid with implied Torrell (prison leader from "Condemned")/McKay and Torrell/Sheppard.


Started a lighthearted little Inception vidlet yesterday for kicks and because I wasn't really in the mood to advance the BtVS one I'm planning for the other Bingo line, but I'm not sure that it's at all as funny as envisioned. :/ Not sure if the BtVS one will work either; if not, expect a screencap-illustrated meta.


Current tally of House episodes at least partly inspired by Berton Roueché essays in this book: 5-6. "Histories," "Poison," the clinic patient in the pilot, "Maternity," "Damned If You Do," and possibly "Words and Deeds." I looked him up on Wikipedia after posting about the book, and the article said in the introductory paragraph that many of his articles inspired episodes of the show. So no surprise there, if you're not me. Still a great read.


Made this simple and super-tasty pork tenderloin last night and made doubly sure that I cooked it to the specified temperature because two of the Roueché essays were about tainted pork—trichinosis and mercury-contaminated feed grain, *shiver*, so safety was even more on my mind than usual. Then discovered that the recipe's recommended temperature is 20 degrees below the USDA's recommended temperature, which I always go by but didn't check last night. Sigh. Then read that the amount of time I cooked it at the lower temperature probably killed the bacteria anyway. Then read that the USDA recently lowered the recommended temperature to just 5 degrees above the recipe's, which I'm pretty sure I hit. We'll see in 10-14 days. If I die, at least I'll have done almost three Bingo lines first.
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Well, I have done my small part, quietly, once again: Ogi Ogas came calling on the alumni network of my grad program for the second time in two years, asking for help with his and Sai Gaddam's second book (A Billion Angry Brains), and I explained to my fellow alums why they should steer clear. Ugh. I am all for giving people a chance, but shoddy research methods + presenting only those results that support your (outdated, stereotyped) thesis + offensive language + requests for free labor = no thank you.

(For background on the fiasco, try here, here and here.)


Oh, original Star Trek. I knew you were kinky, but my aversion to looking at you in a sexual way in the past has blinded me to the breadth of your kinkiness. Latest case in point: Last night my mom and I watched "Wink of an Eye" and "The Empath" because we didn't remember much about them. They turned out to include, respectively, collared, slightly effeminate man-mates, femdom voyeurs and threesome jealousies; and chain-hung, half-torn-shirted McCoy being tortured while his friends and the aliens watched. (More McCoy skin than I remember ever seeing. Ah, I had such a crush on him when I was little.)

Let's just not get into how the empath seemed to represent how women should be acutely empathetic, mute, self-sacrificing, nameless, imprinted upon, and accentuated with a single crystalline tear (TM).


Previously mentioned Inception WIP is on hold because of RL developments that eerily echo the conversation I'd drafted to kick it off. DS9 vid is on hold for technical difficulties. John/Teyla // John/Larrin vid is on hold because… oh wait, because of nothing but my own inability to sit down and work on it. Maybe that will be my goal for what to post for my birthday next week.


Haven't seen Harry Potter 7.2 yet because of vacation. (We marked the occasion by waving to Hogwallow and Dark Hollow Falls at the park, which sounded suitable for Harry's Wizarding England.) Plans are to go Saturday. I am both \o/ and :( about it. It looks good, but afterwards there won't be any more.
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Whee, someone remixed a story of mine! They took Five Times the Inception Team Tried to Extract Information from the Atlantis Crew, which depicted five attempted dream thefts, and wrote Four Times The Inception Team Were Hired To Extract Information From The Atlantis Team (The Good Son Remix), which shows the behind-the-scenes machinations/politicking of Patrick and Dave Sheppard trying to protect their company and find out exactly what it is that John is doing in the Air Force. I had imagined that the extractions were five tries by the same team hired by one group who had no specific ties to Sheppard, McKay, Teyla, etc. but wanted classified information about Atlantis; I like this more personal twist on the underlying motivation. The remix is sprinkled with neat little "of course!" moments -- like, of course the Sheppards would be aware of Saito. The remixer says they didn't have time to write the fifth segment (the other side of Woolsey's extraction), but it's still nifty. I recommend checking it out! And encouraging them to write more. :)

I did manage to write a Madness fic myself, and I am very happy with how it turned out. The second half in particular. It's far from perfect—the first half is sort of one long cliché wrapped up in nice phrasing—but it's been a while since I've written something that I've liked as much.


Went to the hairdresser on Saturday and lopped off six or eight inches. People have been doing double-takes all day when they walk past my office. And then exclaiming over the change and asking me if I like it before they express an opinion. Is that the new thing to do when someone gets a haircut?

(Anyway, I do like it. It's been curling tighter since being set free and is taking on a nicer shape than it did the first day.)


Jonathan Coulton concert on Friday! I only know two of his songs (see fx Skullcrusher Mountain), but it promises to be an entertaining evening. Hopefully my four friends who couldn't get tickets to the now-sold-out show will be able to snag some at the door on the day of.


It's nice to think about how I now know enough people in the area that I can reference four friends and not mean everybody.


Too many fics to read, not enough time.
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1. My Jurassic Park vid showed at [ profile] vidukon this weekend, and at least three people liked it. :) Neat-o.

2. Speaking of Sheppard, which we were yesterday:

2a) Excellent SGA kink meme fill that transforms the "magical healing cock" cliché into a thinky and sexy story in which Sheppard has to deal with consent and privacy issues when his semen acquires actual therapeutic power. It features John/Jennifer with a lovely sprinkling of dom/sub dynamics; plus many other John couplings and a hefty dubcon warning. As I was writing in my comment that I loved the way Sheppard's bisexuality and submissiveness were simply part of the story instead of being treated with a huge amount of fanfare or angst, and ditto for the sexual preferences of two officers, just nicely done, understated, effective, it occurred to me that the author could be [ profile] bluflamingo, as that's something I tend to like in her fics, and she has also handled consent issues well in the past. But who knows.

2a.1) I've already recommended the other sexy John/Jennifer story with even more medical kink and dom/sub dynamics and less dubcon, where John keeps showing up with things up his ass and eventually Jennifer puts them there, right? Right.

2b) I had this dream last night where I'd kidnapped Sheppard and had his wrists tied with an elastic hair band and was trying to get him to wear this mismatched pair of shoes, and actually it was all very heartwarming, but that is about all that will translate without becoming boring, so here, have some more recs.

3. Meanwhile, in the fandom I'm still not talking about, there was hot Eames/17-year-old!Arthur in Vegas. And another Eames/just-underage!Arthur fic, Making Partner. Both of these work just as well if you don't know the movie.

And I could assume that if you're interested in this ~mysterious unnamed fandom~ that you're reading helenish's stuff, but just in case, she did an amnesia fic in which forgetting allows the couple to remember and/or realize some things about their relationship; and a pair of older stories I'd missed one of, wherein Arthur (in one story; Eames in the other) had to pretend to be Eames' (ditto) boyfriend to avoid arousing the ire of serious criminals; and also today I finally read through her ongoing snippet series and found several parts to be quite sexy, either because there was sex (Arthur/OFC called Liesl) or because there was angst about not having sex when both of them (Arthur/Eames, that is) actually wanted to. Nice to be literate once again in a fandom helenish is writing in.

4. Yes, that ended on a preposition. The current essay in DF Wallace's book is about grammar snobbery and is both fun and interesting, even if he lambastes descriptivism. Today at work there was a prime example of his point that norms-based prescriptivism can never die because we'd be left with ambiguous sentences like the one in a summary I was reading: "[Woman's name] has a son who is 8 years old and has a part-time job in a hospital as a surgical technician."

Coworker One: Doogie Howser?
Coworker Two: He'd better go full-time or he'll never make surgeon when he's 10.

5. Aimee Mann concert tomorrow with [ profile] cincodemaygirl and [ profile] gblvr, hooray. Tidbit of the day: I would have used an Aimee Mann song for Festivids had my assignment been different.
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I am like five episodes behind on House and now you are all posting about how neat last night's was and by the time I get around to it the buzz will be gone, alas! *clutches hair* But I do have a long-percolating vid idea for all the seasons of the show and I want to talk to you about it at some point. I will be needing your help.

This photo. Mmmmf.

(And 6 more where that came from.)

Makes me all the sadder no one picked up on the Bowie/Jagger RPF prompts at the Porn Battle.

I still have nothing to offer but Mary Sue fic and descriptions of vids that haven't been touched in months,* partly because I've been trying to develop my social life and be all active and stuff but partly because our old friend perfectionism is again blocking creation. Sorry for no new fictiony things. :( There will be more at some point. Possibly I will produce a vicious review of Red Riding Hood this weekend? I am pretty sure not even Gary Oldman (and Lukas Haas) can save this one.

*ETA: Or how Bob Seger's "Turn the Page" came on the radio this morning and it was lovely as always, only this time it occurred to me that it would make a cool metaphorical vid for Sheppard. I wondered if Metallica's version** wouldn't work, too, being heavier rock, which vids seem to gravitate to. And then on my way home, it came on the rock station. What are the chances.

Seger's version would be better, btw. I'm putting it on my list of things to make one day.

**My first performed karaoke song. Today's trivia.
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1. Oh, man, Pete Postlethwaite died. I didn't even know he was sick.

2. Uh, so what does it mean when your fortune cookie fortune says: You can depend on the trust of the collective? My apartment has transformed into an Orwell story. Or a Borg ship.

3. Speaking of things in my kitchen that have funny words: I noticed the other day that the can of cooking spray says "Serving size: about 1/3 sec."

4. I dunno. I have Thoughts on stuff -- like comparing the unreliable narrators/inability for the audience to gauge "reality" in Inception and Black Swan and working through what I didn't like about them vs. what I just am not understanding -- but lack the energy to write them up. Fic recs, too, but I can't dump a bunch of links here without also telling you why I liked them and therefore why you might like them. Maybe over the weekend.

5. On the bright side, two finished festivids and a good old-fashioned Mary Sue-in-progress.

6. I apologized to someone at the office this morning, unprompted, because I'd been pretty short with her the last few months for reasons unknown. Felt good. Something to set the tone for the year, perhaps, since I fell off the "be more polite and give of your time" wagon after Rosh Hashanah.

7. [ profile] musicisbelievng got me Sometimes the Spoon Runs Away with Another Spoon for Hanukkah. It is fabulous. Girls and dinosaurs, boys and EZ Bake Ovens, a prince who wants his own glass slippers, a princess who wishes the frog will turn into another princess.

8. I know this is a long shot, but would anyone else local be interested in this Smithsonian seminar on existentialism?

9. Two days back into the work week, and I would like nothing more than a long massage (not helped by reading things like So this is the new year or Happy Endings - *warning*, the latter is not yet complete) and/or a resort vacation and/or for male prostitutes to be legal, safe, affordable and available. Never mind that the one professional massage I've ever had didn't thrill me or that I've never actually been to a resort and would likely be bored. Okay, replace "resort" with "cruise." Point is: extended period of relaxation, comma, it is needed. Or perhaps the point is: ways to manage 9-to-5 working life so as not to have a tiny nervous breakdown over insignificant business matters, even if due to their very insignificance, comma, they are sorely needed.
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1. Last call for Chanukah cards, if I don't have you already.

2. I had the sweetest little dream last night about snuggling up with Joseph Gordon-Levitt while watching Inception at the movies, and he was cold so I had an arm around his shoulders and draped an extra blanket over his lap. After a discussion about Arthur/Saito, he slid his hand up to my neck and leaned in and said, "I'm trying to decide whether to kiss you and whether you'd let me," to which I said, "I'd let you, but you can keep thinking it over if you want to," and then he kissed me and it was just very sweet. Kissing is always sweeter in dreams than it is in life. Um, or maybe it's just how long it's been.

3. Ha, baby Kal Penn is in "Beer Bad"! With long flippy hair.

3a. I watched a few eps of season 4 (BtVS) last night while attempting turkey digestion. It was really comforting to see all these characters I loved again -- Giles grumpy in the morning with his t-shirt and tattoo, Willow arguing for culturally sensitive slayage, Tara when she was new, Anya still learning human etiquette, Xander and his new syphilis. Adam, with enough face to be handsome. Riley, who, like House's Stacy, transmuted from annoying to vaguely interesting the second time around. Remembering all the lines I'd once known by heart. "Suffused with joy and comfort" is the phrase I'm looking for.

4. Thanksgiving. I'm home in New York, inasmuch as my dad's house is home these days. We, my sister and I, had a Thanksgiving here yesterday with her friends and one at my mom's on Thursday. It's been a good holiday, if a tenuous one because of some family health issues. Regardless, I wanted to come by and tell you all that despite how infrequently I've been posting lately, and even though we are not all sharing love for the same fandoms these days, I am really thankful to have you as flisters. Just: ♥
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Things That I Have:

- 600 words of a kink meme fic
- A reinforced understanding that I need to learn more than two kinds of story pacing

- Five pieces of art on the way from to spruce up this bare-walled apartment
- Two dressers acquired from fellow building residents, neither of which is quite the right size
- Five new work shirts (double my previous total), a skirt and a black dress
- A much-needed haircut
- A weeping bank account

- Pictures from vacation to share
- A weird spate of dehydration
- A Vividcon post to write
- Farscape to catch up on before tomorrow's semi-monthly fangirl sci fi Friday
- New knowledge that Philip Glass is giving a talk next Thursday (Rosh Hashanah). Debating going.

- Thoughts about cross-posting and illusions of privacy. Namely, this: LiveJournal has just made it easier for people to repost content on other social media sites, but it has not made it possible. It was already possible. I try to trust people not to make my private content public, either manually or with a checkbox option; but from the day I started this journal, I've accepted that anything I put online, locked or not, is a risk. What concerns me is the vastly increased likelihood that someone who has linked their Twitter or Facebook account to their LJ will accidentally cross-post something they say to me in a locked post that has potentially identifying information in it. I have worked hard to keep my fannish identity and RL identity separate. If LJ or a rogue programmer doesn't create an option for users to disallow visitors from using the cross-posting option in the users' locked posts, I may be looking at the impetus that finally bumps me over to Dreamwidth. I've said since Dreamwidth launched that it would take either a stupendously dumb decision on LJ's part or a critical mass of friend-shifting to get me to move. Well, the mass is shifting toward critical. I just don't know yet if that platform will be as comfortable for me as this one, or if I will lose people in the migration; and I just paid for another year of LJ service.

'Snew with you?
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There was fic again today! Actually, there was fic on Friday, but today I outed myself as the author who was trying to invert the ideas of kinky and non-kinky sex. And I maybe should stop posting fic from work, because while it might be cool to do it from my phone, (a) it's also a pain in the neck and (b) no one seems to read my fic in the middle of a weekday anyway.

In other news, I'm back from a long weekend seeing my soon-to-be-married friend in steamy Georgia, where I visited Stone Mountain with family, watched a bucketload of TV, had a piece of chocolate cake after [ profile] penknife inadvertently made me want one for three days, bought a dress, played with a guinea pig in a pet store, and ate dinner with friends at a restaurant in a strip mall that got struck by lightning and lost power just as we were paying the bill.

On the TV front, I have now seen a few episodes of Eureka and Pawn Stars, as well as a second episode of Warehouse 13 -- the first being the one with Joe Flanigan -- which, as luck would have it, featured Kaylee and Simon running a diner. Yes, I know the actors' names, but I prefer to think of it as a Firefly AU.

We also watched District 9 (nice format, a satisfying number of wetly exploding bodies, a "hero" I never liked, and, oh, the irony of a movie about racism that was itself racist), Idiocracy (surprisingly funny, and terrifyingly plausible) and The Book of Eli (far more style than solid plot, and a confusing premise about Christianity saving the world after having destroyed it, but again, I enjoyed the Harry Potter AU where Dumbledore and Mme Maxime ran a kooky desert shack while Sirius Black ruled the Wild West with an iron fist; and Denzel Washington looks freaking gorgeous with a shaved head).

Also! [ profile] roga is Stateside and from the sound of things I will see her for approximately 5 minutes when she gets into town, but that's okay because we will both then be attending Vividcon. I am so glad she is coming, and that [ profile] kassrachel will be there, because I met both of them for the first time on my trip to Israel two years ago. Glad because I like them and glad to have them to hang out with because, silly though it may be, I am nervous about meeting certain people at the con. It's like junior high all over again, if junior high had had kink fic and fanvids and f-listers whom I want to like me in person.

Plus I found out today I'll be able to see my college friend R. that week for like two hours between the wedding and the con, which isn't much but since we live on different continents I am still happy.

Except for having to do the dishes now. That is less happy.
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I posted fic today! No one's read it, but that's okay, because the point is that I posted it from work using a smartphone that has the Internet on it. I have not owned something this fancy since my dad brought us home a Walkman in 1991.

Re: the fic, btw, even if you don't know the characters, you might like it if you like vampires.

If I were to make a tally of my day, it would look like this:
  • 100 degrees of oven-baked atmosphere
  • 4 vids in various states of completion
  • 1 languishing Kink Bingo draft
  • 0 hours of work that need to be done tonight
  • 1 cracked pair of ugly sandals that I am finally, 10 years too late, throwing away
  • 3 fabulous vids on the 2007 Vividcon DVD that need recommending:
    • A beautifully contemplative Chase vid (The Other Side by obsessive24)
    • An SGA vid with hit-you-in-the-face/turn-'em-creepy-out-of-context visuals set to a fabulous beat (keely's Battleflag)
    • A party-happy Will & Grace vid that just keeps on bringing perfectly choreographed silly moves (jarrow's Paul McCartney)
  • 90 minutes of Daybreakers still to watch
  • 2 slices left of an artichoke pizza from a place that comes as close as I've yet found to NY pizza
Which I am now going to eat. Mm.
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1. There are "some beautiful studies by candlelight of Joe [Flanigan]'s face" in our future

2. [ profile] roga beats that with the incredible real-life incarnation of John Sheppard and Adam Lambert's lovechild

3. An io9 blogger refers to apocryphal Firefly stories by Jane Espenson as original fiction, and no one calls them out on it. (Although - where do you draw the line between original fiction and fanfiction when the story is written by a producer of the original fiction?)

4. Washington Post feed headline says "Thai Red Shirt security chief shot," and for several seconds I honestly think the point is in the irony of the uniform color

Bonus item that is on the computer and not on the 'net yet: YAY, vids are happening again! Absence made the vidding heart grow fonder, and I have been absorbed in rehauling one of the vids-in-progress that I think is totally cool. A few weeks from now will be one year since I first tried fannish vidding, and when I finish and post something from the new batch I think you'll agree that there's been a big technical improvement.

Bonus item that is in person and not on the 'net (but involves the 'net): [ profile] con_txt approacheth, and [ profile] synn will be visiting for it! Very cool that last year I lived near Muskrat Jamboree and this year I live near con.txt. I'm worried, though, about attending a strictly slash con when I have been feeling even more omnivorous than usual of late. I have visions of making ever-scrunchier faces at panels until I exclaim, "But the friendship and the het and the OT4 and the femslash and the various threesomes are also awesome, dammit!" And then I will have to remind myself that (a) I am at a slash con and (b) despite how it may feel in online fandom sometimes, people do not get to celebrate slash very much in real life, not to mention (c) just because others are exclaiming over OTPs doesn't mean they aren't omnishippy or gen fans too. And then I will (try to) sink back into the joy.


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