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Last post about movies for a while, I promise. I just wanted to put in a quick plug for When Do We Eat? (2005), a dysfunctional family Passover Seder comedy that I watched last night after my little seder-for-one and a phone call to my mom still left me feeling a lack of satisfying connection to the holiday.

First: A Passover movie exists! Second: It was not terrible! I mean, all the characters were stock/caricatures, but somehow they nonetheless came across as people. And it was funny, even more so if you've sat through your share of sulky Four Questions recitations, rushed/monotonous/sarcastic Haggadah readings, stupid family fights, interruptions that extend an already endless pre-dinner ceremony, tales of afikomen adventures from years past, etc. Also, I confess I teared up when the grandfather talked about the family he'd lost in the war.

Plot: druggie son in an extended stepfamily slips his overbearing father some E in his antacid at the start of the family's first Seder in three years for a little revenge and in the hope of some excitement. Drama, spiritual connection, hijinks and the beginnings of reconciliation ensue. There are rabbi jokes and incest jokes and a random Israeli hunk with an eye patch. There is the world's oddest plot with an autistic sibling. There's a borderline offensive moment when the black lesbian not-quite-sister-in-law turns a Haggadah reading into gospel, saved by the fact that she means it, that the grandfather connects to it, and that it highlights some parallels between Christian and Jewish joy (as it illustrates one of the brother's [and also Eddie Izzard's] point that religious readings in America generally could use some joy). Some moments fall flat, and the ending is a bit packaged/sentimental, but a coda confirms that there will be backsliding before the family achieves true improvement. It's a typical quirky family-holiday comedy, except there aren't many about Passover, and that made it great (for me).

Happy Passover, my Passover-celebrating friends. Happy Easter. Happy weekend. Happiness to you in general.


Here, here is a non-movie thing. There was a meme going around recently where you post seven lines from the seventh page of your most recent work in progress? I skipped it because my WsIP aren't that long, ha. But then I worked on one last weekend and lo, it now has seven pages. So:

On the table, Karin looked like she was spacing out. A blessing, perhaps.

"Five seconds before I turn this on again," Rothka warned.

"Enough," said Kovan. "This has to stop."

Bashir at least had the decency to have broken out in a sweat and look half as anguished as Kovan felt. "We can't."


Also! While watching this week's Community, I was trying to figure out what the format reminded me of (beyond PBS history documentaries, that is), and somewhere around the texts between Annie and Jeff it hit me: Written by the Victors! Multiple accounts of events from scholars/participants with their own biased perspectives. Ha.

Relatedly: Did you know today is/was International Pillow Fight Day? I wonder if the air date was a coincidence. Possible post-hiatus decision, that is.
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I like doing a Works in Progress meme once a year-ish. This one (seen most recently at perspi's, sabine's, anatsuno's, etc.) looks like fun: Post the names of all the files in your WIP folder(s), regardless of how non-descriptive or ridiculous. This doesn't count the cobwebby ones in the "abandoned" folder. & I'm adding an excerpt from each, just because.

tsamiko - draft 2
Six weeks after they
ever since she was a little girl
pb xi - experiment
id4 - new format
mri, attempt the third
pb xi - strip, boots

Mary Sue stories
He sold me into prostitution
She strained against him
tell me a fantasy
first time with makor
They came for them the next morning

girl like you
i'd do anything
pegasus rising

With excerpts )

Feel free to vote or inquire or say hi or recommend a movie or whatever.
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1. I started a mini-kink_bingo thing last night, got maybe 250 words in and found that it read as triggery phrase ) instead of shaking-with-need adrenaline-crash sex. Dead stop. I couldn't devalue what was there by turning it into a PWP, and I didn't feel I could do justice to the story it was becoming.

2. Not that I'm already neck deep in the other vid or anything, but I had this wonderfully awful idea for a Sheppard/Ronon or Sheppard/McKay video* and now I've been listening to this terrible dance song for a couple of days. Nothing snuffs my rare-enough creative energies more effectively than describing things before I do them, so I won't say more until I actually start on it, but it's very silly. Comedy seems to be my preferred vidding genre.

Though there's also this one-verse song by Nat King Cole, Nature Boy, which would make a marvelous mood/character piece on Sheppard finding his people in Pegasus. (Interesting note: dissonant remix by David Bowie and Massive Attack fanvidded as a tribute to Alain Delon. All I know about Alain Delon is that Anne Rice said he looked like Armand.)

* Lest it sound so, I have not thus far and do not plan to only make slash vids. Just to remind myself: There was House/Wilson left open to friendship or slash interpretation, SGA gen, Leon/Mathilda, and SGA cast/tentacles; and in the works are SGA team and SGA universe gen, plus the above**; and there is diversity on the little scribbly note of future possibilities, too. I really do not think of myself as a slasher, not when it's used to mean that a person slashes exclusively or with more emphasis than they enjoy or produce het or gen. One of these days I'll do a "ten things everyone here should know about me" post.

** Suspicions that I am reading, watching and writing SGA more than House, however, would be justified. House is just not giving me what I need right now. Dexter did, and so, Lord help me, does The Vampire Diaries in its own teen angst way. Though with House, again, I haven't quit the show yet, and there are WsIP that I intend to finish, including three stories and a vid.
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Sorry about that. It occurred to me that not being vague about the story options might make more sense. We now return you to your regularly scheduled post.

That's the second night running I've come home and done absolutely nothing for five hours instead of working on the WsIP I'd really like to finish.

Too many choices, I think. Want to put it to a vote? Let's see if I can focus enough to complete whichever one wins.

[Poll #1417344]

...Still have the word "camelopard" stuck in my head. It hasn't come up in conversation as far as I can remember. Straaaange.
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Nnnnff, my thesis has passed 11,000 words and I'm not quite done.

Here is the "one line from each of your works in progress" meme that's going around, to remind myself that sometimes I write for fun.

Pretty sure I'll finish these: )

Probably not going to finish these: )

Proper post with fun things tomorrow or Tuesday.
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Not tagged by anyone, but it's a cool meme, and since I'm not getting anywhere on anything, it's a cheap way to feel productive.

Excerpts from various WsIP that I've actually started, in order from oldest to newest:

A BtVS/Angel Spike/William story  )

Ali/everyone PWP fic  )

Remus Lupin sestina  )

An attempt at Anamatics' book challenge  )

Ficlet in which Wilson nearly drowns  )

House/SGA crossover  )

You're invited to vote on which one I should continue next, except I have to write the crossover of DOOM this month, along with a House/Wilson not listed here, so it's more like vote for which I should continue when those get done.


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