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Once upon a time, I was struck by the desire to write a Riddick story in the style of those early-2000s X-Men movie fanfics where Wolverine and Rogue were imprisoned in Stryker's complex and forced to have sex for his research program. (Ex: The Cell by jjblazer.) I ended up making up a character because it didn't feel right to cast Jack as the person thrown into Riddick's cell. The words poured out, and I was well pleased with the result, but I was too embarrassed to share it, so it has been sitting on my hard drive for almost three years.

Tonight we are watching the third (& worst) Riddick movie at fangirl movie night. For whatever reason, this feels like the right time: I am finally taking the plunge and posting the fic, in all its flawed, iddy glory.

*hits "post" and hides face*

Title: Captive Breeding Program (Furyan Bloodstock Remix)
Fandom: Chronicles of Riddick series
Pairing: Riddick/OFC
Rating: Explicit
Word Count: 4,250
Summary: "Get as far away from me as you can before I do exactly what they warned you about," he growls.
Content notes: Nonconsensual sex. Murder, attempted murder, strangulation. Aliens make them do it. Abhorrent medical ethics, including forced impregnation and gestation. Aphrodisiacs. Dubious plot points.
A/N: Written in January 2014, two days after posting I Like the Way You Move. Riddick's voice was influenced by stories such as The Things We Leave Behind by Ratatosk. Enjoy?

The next one they toss in is young. )


Aug. 30th, 2016 09:12 pm
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Title applies to:

1) The conclusion of His Dark Materials. I might have tossed The Amber Spyglass across the floor in distaste if [personal profile] par_avion hadn't warned me at Vividcon about a thing that was going to happen. Then again, by the end of the series we'd grown so distanced from the main characters that the plot direction might not have affected me deeply anyway. As it was, it... ended, and that was that.

2) Kidney stone situation. I've been pain-free for a week now, but didn't see a stone come out, so either it got ground to sand and I missed it, or it's lying in wait. Doc says to finish the remaining 2 1/2 weeks of Flomax and then maybe safe to believe I'm in the clear. TMI. Meanwhile, back to normal activities.


Doing: Being (temporarily? permanently?) recovered means that I can still go to the Mission: New York Star Trek convention this weekend with iggy. Am getting especially excited about seeing all the DS9 cast members who will be there -- René Auberjonois, Armin Shimerman, Nana Visitor, Terry Farrell, Michael Dorn, Cirroc Lofton -- only two of whom I've met before (René a couple of times at Broadway theaters and Dorn once at a con). There will be panels with cast reunions and organizers of the first Trek convention and show/novel writers and queer fans and fans of color and scientists/engineers who were inspired by the series, a table read of ST IV: The Voyage Home, props and sets and a cosplay contest, etc. =/\=

I printed recent-ish head shots of the three DS9 cast members who won't be there, with the plan of bringing them to the group photo I signed up for. Now every time I pass my desk, Alexander Siddig is there smiling at me.

Reading: Currently between books. Plowed through the Captive Prince trilogy while ill and it was just the right story for that headspace. Tried Brandon Sanderson's The Way of Kings last night/today but got bored, and that ginormous, 1,000-page hardcover is not worth lugging around for a boring narrative. Was not surprised to discover a blurb from Patrick Rothfuss on the back. Fortunately, NK Jemison's The Fifth Season is winging its way over to the library.

Writing: A thing for work, but daydreaming about ficlets and Yuletide treats. His Dark Materials gave me another Dustfinger (Inkheart) idea, in addition to the three fics already posted and the two WsIP. It went like this at brunch on Sunday:

me: It's perfect: Dustfinger has a marten; Lyra has a marten. I just want the martens to sniff each other.
[personal profile] unfinishedidea: *cracks up*
me: What?
[personal profile] unfinishedidea: You do you.

I will do me, thank you. :) Here, have a Lyra/Iorek fic I found on the AO3: Native and Non-Native Fauna of the North by gishmi1ish. It's distractingly formatted and a bit rushed, but pushes some xeno buttons nonetheless.

Vidding: Thinking about Festivids nominations. I watched Queen Margot again last week and continue to yearn for a vid for it. If it still doesn't get matched this year, I may have to do it myself.
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Thanks to [personal profile] heresluck and [personal profile] corbae, it looks like [personal profile] jetpack_monkey and I have found a song for our Auction vid, hurrah. At least, we both think it's a good fit and now we will see if it works when the editing begins. Am psyched. I had a lot of fun watching the movie we're using, and will be subjecting* my mom to a rewatch when she visits this weekend.

*Not really; she said it sounds great.


Finished The Dispossessed and got really into it in the second half or last third as Shevek became more humanized and humorous (especially with kids and animals! cute!), more aware of the ways Annaresti culture was deviating from its founder's ideals, and better able to articulate the problems on Urras and their (un)solvability, and as he struggled to break through with his grand unified physics theory and get it into the right hands when no one's hands seemed right.

Flipped through Luckiest Girl Alive by Jessica Knoll, an overstuffed, unself-aware mess that nevertheless had a few things to recommend about it. Content warnings galore.

Now wrapping up Deathless by Catherynne Valente and not sure yet what to make of it. Certainly makes me wish I knew more about Russian fairy tales and folklore. And that readers weren't so distanced from the main character after the first section. Some truly striking images, though. A bit like Uprooted with hints of Gaiman's Endless, among other things, but very much its own entity.


Grenade by [personal profile] fiercynn and [personal profile] scribe, which I beta-ed and have been remiss in not recommending. Full-hearted multifandom vid about self-sacrificing sidekicks who don't get the love they deserve. Rory Williams! Sam Gamgee! Sam Wilson! Many more!

Phase Changes (BtVS, 18,000 words, explicit) - a Giles/Xander/Willow fic that is locked to AO3 readers and so I assume I shouldn't name the author here. A diamond in the rough unearthed during an id tag search in the archives. Giles gets hit with a freeze ray; Xander and Willow, who are a couple, stay with him to keep him warm; things progress as you'd expect; and then the author truly won my heart when Willow has an issue with reaching orgasm and Giles gives them a sex ed lesson. Things don't end easily, either, as the next morning they debate whom, if anyone, to tell, and Buffy struggles with what's developed. Nicely written. Choosing to ignore the Wesley/angel and Spike/demon consciences the author gives Giles in the second half, like the hula-dancing "subconscious" from 50 Shades, which I remember reading somewhere was a holdover thing from anime fandom?

To the Victor, the Spoil by Annakovsky (Hunger Games, 13,000 words, explicit) - Katniss/Haymitch, Katniss/some other people, Capital corruption, Finnick and state-coerced sex, bleak and beautiful.


Forthcoming Mom visit + Passover = tidying up, planning activities & choosing Haggadah materials. Looking forward to hosting a couple of friends for the seder and using these beautiful glass seder and matzah plates I acquired in Tel Aviv while visiting [personal profile] roga years ago. Looking forward to pulling out of this slump, too.
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Between revisions on the Beauty & the Beast fic, I went looking for other adult-rated stories in the fandom on the AO3 and found a few that I really liked. Glad to rec them now that they won't give anything away about what I wrote for Yuletide:

Learning Humanity by imaginary_golux (Belle/Adam, 660 words, explicit) – Very similar story, although at the same time somewhat the inverse; much more concise; quite sweet and sexy.

Belle has to learn to love the Prince all over again.

Book Learning by Missy (Belle/Adam, 1,000 words, explicit) – Super cute. I like this characterization of Adam a lot, so accepting of Belle's quirks and wanting to make her happy (in bed and in general).

When Adam married Belle, one little question popped into the back of his mind as they swept across the ballroom floor, surrounded by their servants and family – how in the hell would he be able to separate her from her books long enough to kiss her?

Winding Days by imaginary_golux (Cogsworth, semi-Cogsworth/Lumière, 400 words, mature) – Poignant vignette about changes in Cogsworth's body and the mechanics of his arousal during the enchantment.

So he goes to Lumiere once a month in private, and Lumiere winds him up again, and no one else ever has to know.

A Different Story by Minutia_R (Beast/Gaston, 2,000 words, explicit) – OMG, so wrong and yet so great. Gaston gets captured by the Beast, and things don't go quite the way you'd expect. Or maybe they go exactly the way you'd expect. Lively and funny narrative voice. Note: dubcon.

"You're trespassing," rumbled the beast in a deep and sexy voice—Gaston meant a deep and scary voice—which is to say that the voice had no effect on him whatsoever. "And you shot at me."
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Been reading through the AO3 tags for JARVIS/Tony, JARVIS/Pepper, JARVIS/Tony/Pepper, etc., and quite enjoying myself. Here are some favorites. In them JARVIS is variously a voice, in control of an Iron Man suit, in Tony's head, in an android body or in a human body. And then, sex.

Is Kink Bingo still a thing? This would be yet another fill for the mechanical/technological square.

Most of these are happy PWPs, but, as always, mind the authors' warnings.

11 JARVIS/other )

2 Vision/other )
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Well, now I'm officially on Tumblr. Last night I was browsing the Dustfinger tag I set up after watching Inkheart and got massively spoiled for something in book two. Before I'd had a chance to recover, my eyes skimmed over the next paragraph and I got spoiled for something else in book three. :( Thanks, poster who didn't cut or warn.

I'm really sad about it. Both things seem like plot points that would have aroused a lot of delicious emotion.

The books came in today at the library. I guess we'll see.


Meanwhile, in the mini-marathon:

Wimbledon - includes some body image talk at the end + fic rec )

A Beautiful Mind )

Legion )

Also enjoyed this clip from Ellen of Paul Bettany, Johnny Depp and Gwyneth Paltrow playing "I Never."

Aaand, I think we're winding down on this whole thing. At the moment, finding out if I can make it through A Knight's Tale. Last time, many years ago, was not a success.
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Not wanting to pay more dollars to see Avengers again, I decided to have a little Other Movies Featuring Paul Bettany fest.

So far:

The Reckoning )

Master & Commander: The Far Side of the World + fic recs )

Inkheart + fic recs )

Priest )

Still to go: Wimbledon (rewatch), A Beautiful Mind, Legion, A Knight's Tale, Mortdecai… Thank you, county library system.


Something about all this has caught the obsessive part of my brain, and I've been preoccupied for days with thoughts and images of his various roles, including returning repeatedly to certain animated gifs. This couldn't have come at a worse time; I'm in the midst of two packed weeks at work and don't have brain space to waste on this. But that's probably exactly why it's happening now. Maybe it's even coming at the time I most need it.
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I... may have a tiny crush on spoiler character? ) from Avengers: Age of Ultron.

An hour's browse on the AO3 revealed that most people are writing spoiler pairing? ), which, it seems, is comics canon. That is cool. I dig it. Ready for more.

Someone will write the story where they are having some form of first time together (which is probably spoiler character's ) first time ever) and when other character ) orgasms, all the Avengers in the building stumble/drop stuff/blink and have a sympathetic mental-or-maybe-also-physical climax too, right?


There also seems to be a not insignificant amount of spoiler pairing? ). It's interesting to me how at least two stories (one / two, and those are not exactly recs) have gone the route of comparison to another Whedon pairing of yore ). Maybe if there'd been more time for character development, as that article that's been going around argued, that part of the movie would have had a comparable emotional impact.

Uh and lastly there appears to be spoiler pairing? ), which I'm pretty sure I'm very much into, although all I've encountered so far is this fic, which isn't quite what I'd look for in that match-up. It's fun in a spoiler fandom? ) sort of way but I'd like to see a less literal interpretation of sex between them.

Someone will also write or has already written spoiler crossover? ), yes? Details )

We'll see how long this lasts. If the fic doesn't get any better, it won't take long. For now it is a bit of an entertaining diversion.
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I've got a sudden hankering for summer-at-the-beach romance stories. Do you know of any good ones?

If fanfic, doesn't matter what fandoms or genders. Long, slow burn would be great. One-shot PWP also good.

So far, I found The Summer Holds A Song (We Might Sing Forever) by annundriel and Obstinatrix (Supernatural AU, Castiel/Dean). And Past the Breakers by thepsychicclam (Teen Wolf, Derek/Stiles), which is shaky on the emotional arc but a good enough genre fit to keep going.
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Remix and Remix Madness are live. The collections went up last night after I'd gone to bed, so I haven't paged through many entries yet.


Of course, the first one I did read was the remix written for meeee. My lovely anonymous remixer ishafel produced Professional Jealousy (The Black Propaganda Remix), based on a McKay/Sheppard ficlet that took place shortly after "Brain Storm." Anonymous ishafel presents Sheppard's point of view with humor ("as much as John likes him he's well aware that if Rodney were replaceable he'd have been murdered a long time ago") and detail (I love that Jeannie's English-major husband Caleb won the Booker Prize), sketching out a story of all the ways in which he manages a stream of potential disruptions for the benefit of McKay and those around McKay. It quite effectively embodies Wikipedia's definition:

"The major characteristic of black propaganda is that the people are not aware that someone is trying to influence them, and do not feel that they are being pushed in a certain direction."

Probably no one in real life would want to discover they were being manipulated in such a way, but this story is not meant (I believe) to be taken in that serious kind of light. And the graphical postscript just puts a cherry on top.


Funny story: Challenge rules state that remixers can't change the pairings in the stories they're remixing, to reduce the risk of upsetting their remixee. "Professional Jealousy" is one story where I wouldn't mind seeing the pairing changed, from John/Rodney back to Rodney/Jennifer; it is the only ficlet I've written where I afterwards regretted going with a popular pairing because it was a popular pairing. I almost wrote a note about the pairing flexibility during signups. But what are the chances someone would pick this story to remix? thought I. And lo, here we are!

That is not at all intended as a criticism of the remix, nor did it detract from my enjoyment of it.


Remixes I have particularly liked so far:

The Future Is Now (The Time Traveler's Remix) (Inception, Arthur/Eames, background Mal/Cobb) - Mal is from New Marseille and when she dreams it's of Paris before the Atmo War: the Eiffel Tower a tall iron spike in the sky, the Champs-Élysées solid beneath her high heels. A cool turned-it-inside-out sort of remix.

Roses in December Smell of Blood (The Hunger Games, mostly Haymitch and Peeta) - "Here's a little game," Haymitch says. "Make a list of forty-six dead children, fast." Trauma, the failings of memory, the stirrings of recovery.


The remix I wrote turned out more or less as I'd envisioned, and the recipient seemed to like it, which are the two things that matter most. It's not great, but hopefully it's not bad. I had a good time trying some less familiar-to-me remix techniques. We'll see if anyone else cares. :)
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zulu asked: "What got you into fandom? Does the same thing spark your passion now, or is it something(s) else that keep you inspired?"

The thing is, I've replied to several other questions first because I don't know the answer to this one. I don't know if the same thing sparks my passion now as in my early days of joining the Harry Potter and House fandoms because I haven't felt passionate or inspired about fannish stuff in a while. Meh on TV shows, meh on reading fic, meh on my own writing and vidding; hence taking in so many books and movies lately on my own. Lying fallow, knowing something else will come along eventually. And that's okay, even though it can be sad not participating in what others of you are happy about.

But something might be waking up.

Yuletide used to make me a Scrooge McGrumpypants, which I think was mostly about my own pang of sadness that I didn't -- don't -- feel anywhere near as excited about it as other people because I hardly know any of the sources being written about and I don't find the stories for unfamiliar sources accessible in the way, say, the vids are at Festivids. I skim and try probably somewhere between 1 and 5% of the stuff posted. This year, I liked:
  • I'll Be Right Here (E.T.), in which it is an anniversary of the night E.T. left
  • Bad Day (What Maisie Knew), in which Margo and Lincoln are shaken up but handle it well when Maisie has an accident on the playground
  • Fewer Than Ten Scenes From the Second Coming of Richard III (The Ten Stupidest Things I've Heard Since Richard III's Remains Were Identified blog post) [link], in which ghosts converge on the area as conspiracies swirl; I loved the "Tudor spy" osteologist's way of speaking
  • A Different Kind of Boy (Pitch Black), in which Jack comes on to Riddick and Riddick doesn't say no; contains some unfortunate "the killer kissed him hard" sort of stuff, but the trans* depiction was interesting
I could have sworn I'd trolled the AO3 archives for Riddick/Jack fic after seeing Chronicles of Riddick a month or two ago, but either I did it wrong or the Riddick/Jack tag hasn't been wrangled to match Riddick/[other name Jack goes by that is sort of a spoiler]. In any case, I found some others and fell into reading them for hours in a way I haven't done in possibly years:
  • No Rest by Laylah, 1K, which I'd give the same summary as above and just hits a cluster of my kinks
  • Twin Flames by serafina20, 23K, in which Jack tries to grow up; it's permanently unfinished, and I wish it had warned for past incest/abuse, but it was an engrossing read
  • The Things We Leave Behind by Ratatosk, 100K+, which I've by now mixed up entirely with Twin Flames perhaps because they both remix the second movie, but involves Jack being taken by and escaping from mercenaries trying to bait Riddick and then they meet again trying to save the universe from Necromongers and there's excellent dubious consent stuff; also unfinished but being updated slowly at
Then I rented The Iron Giant and The Fast & the Furious. So I guess I'm having a low-burn Vin Diesel thing. Ten years after everyone else. Funny because he's not my usual type. Feels good! I am contemplating doing a quick Kink Bingo vid about how Riddick gets chained down and cuffed and gagged all the time. Dilemma: do it now while the interest is still fresh, or wait two weeks-ish until the last movie in the trilogy comes out on DVD (I didn't catch it in theaters)? Advice welcome.

Second, or I suppose first chronologically, the other week I tried NBC's Dracula with Jonathan Rhys-Meyers and Thomas Kretschmann. I don't know what the hell that show/miniseries is doing (steampunk + villain/hero switch + slow-mo fight scenes + plotline about energy conglomerates + lady medical student + terrible accents + queer subtext that turns into text = ??), but I couldn't stop watching. More on that in its own post.

Third, after reading the Riddick/Jack stuff I went and added 1,000 words to an unrelated story on my computer, which is about 1,000 words more than I'd written since January.

...That didn't answer the question at all -- sorry, zulu -- but it's the best response I've got right now.
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Poked through the Yuletide 2012 archives and explored the small percentage of fandoms I'm familiar with and interested in reading fic for. My favorite by far is Springtime Will Kill You, a brilliant noir retelling of Orpheus' journey to find Persephone in the underworld. Riffs on Greek and Roman mythology, and on Hades/Persephone in particular, are always a treat when Yuletide comes around, and toft_froggy pointed out in her own rec that "noir is the perfect genre for the incestuous, alcohol-riddled, tragic, horrible plots of Greek myth to unspool." It's so clever and well written. I'd say more, but it would spoil the delight of the story unfolding.

Second favorite would be a series of diary entries in which Tim Gunn critiques various locales and personages he encounters during a day in New York City.

Also enjoyed the meta found poem constructed from AO3 Yuletide tags. The popular The Bar at the End of Fandom is witty and creative, but, I dunno, I guess its heart is not my heart. Same deal for me as some of astolat and ces's meta-fannish and meta-vidding vids. We celebrate ourselves, we laugh at the in-jokes we understand, and that's awesome and deserved, but separate from the ability to appreciate those fanworks on a cultural/artistic/intellectual level, not every LJ/DW/AO3/etc. fan has or loves the same experiences.

There was also a quiet future fic for Cairo Time, and a couple of stories involving the Gashlycrumb Tinies (a clever but long drabble set depicting a less than flattering backstory for each child and one where Wednesday Addams uses the form to write her family history). And another modern version of Persephone/Hades & Orpheus/Eurydice, raw, unsentimental, feminist. But the noir version was the one that held me rapt all the way through.

I might've enjoyed the Borgias in the Hunger Games historical fusion if I knew more about the Borgias. I liked the concept of Indiana Jones and Alan Grant Walk into a Bar but confess I skimmed.

Keeping an eye on other people's rec lists for more.
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It seems china_shop is coordinating a fandom appreciation challenge whose first assignment is to "rec three fanworks by people you don't know and whose works you haven't read/watched/listened to/looked at before." Tougher than it sounded! I scanned through a bunch of fandoms on the AO3 today but didn't find a lot to rec by authors I wasn't familiar with. It's hard to take chances when you have limited time and want a quality story - which I guess is part of the challenge, to take that chance, because you may uncover someone new (to you) and good.

I did find this little slice of delight: Quantitative/Qualitative by norah, a short and humorous anthropomorfic:
"I love thee to the depth and breadth and height / My soul can reach," Qualitative continued, when Quantitative interrupted.

"Wait, how deep is that? How high? How broad? In metric or Imperial measures?" it demanded.
And, if you'll allow a bit of cheating, I recently (but not today) discovered these two new-to-me writers in Vampire Diaries fandom:

The Shortest Distance Between Two Points Is A Curve by Sandrine Shaw (Sandrine) - Elena/Klaus, rated Mature - in which things progress from canon to a relationship of sorts, and the voices are right.
"I'm sorry. For throwing the stone at you. That was out of line."

Another man, a better man, would tell her, No, it wasn't, you were grieving and I was intruding and I'm sorry about Jenna, but she harbors no illusions about Klaus, and it doesn't surprise her when he only shrugs and says, "Don't worry about it, sweetheart. It's not like you could actually harm me."
I'm Crawling on Your Shore by smithereen - Alaric/Elena, rated Mature, warning for underage and father figure - in which they sleep together, and then they sleep together.
He's still wearing Stefan's t-shirt. She rubs her cheek against the familiar material, worn soft. His body feels so hot underneath the fabric, fever hot. Not like Stefan. She can hear his heart beating.

Ric's arm tightens around her waist, his fingers pressing. His eyes slit open, his whole body going tense against her for a second. He relaxes slowly, like it doesn't come easily. He unwinds his arm. "Sorry," he says. He moves like his neck is stiff.
Not sure what the other challenges will bring and if you'll see me there, but any excuse is a good one to find and rec new stories.

Mixed bag

Jan. 6th, 2012 07:27 pm
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1. I tried and enjoyed [ profile] apiphile's three Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy fics today -- at least, I am assuming that "apiphile" and "Derek Des Anges [apiphile]" are the same AO3 user, substantiated by the similar tagging practices and the design of hir LJ. Nice, complex characterization, sustained conflicts, good dialogue. Maybe not for you if you don't like descriptions of unhealthy sexual relationships, paranoia/despair/disconnectedness or physical injury.

The Spy Who Got What He Deserved, If Not What He Wanted

Life During (Cold) War Time and sequel, Once in a Lifetime

2. In my hunt for more lean protein- and vegetable-based meals, I also tried and enjoyed two new recipes this week:

Turkey scallion meatballs with soy-ginger glaze

Chicken and artichokes in a white wine sauce

A+ for the meatballs; I didn't make the glaze and didn't miss it, and mixed in a little fresh ginger and liked the extra bit of zing. It was funny -- the raw meatballs had the look and texture of spicy tuna sushi. Next time I'll try chopping the parsley and scallions in my tiny food processor, as the big parsley leaves kept sticking out of the meatballs and messing up their shapes, and will see if they're as good baked as they are on the stovetop.

A-ish to B+ for the chicken; nice flavor, not what I'm used to making, but could maybe use more mushrooms or a third vegetable to balance out all the artichokes. I also didn't flour the chicken or add butter to the sauce.

3. Now back to frantic Festividding, as it is due tomorrow and I don't even have a complete draft yet. At least I hate it a little less than I did on Wednesday?
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Catch-up time! With a few pictures.

Home Decorating for the Holidays – First trip to synn's new place )

TV & Movies – Red Cliff, Sherlock TV show, Tron: Legacy, Stargate (1994), Thoughtcrimes rewatch, Brimstone ep rewatch, Vampire Diaries. With bonus link to an article about invented languages for fictional cultures. )

Cooking – Mm, holiday food. )

Hanukkah – Gifts, given and received, and a little help from technology. )

Should say something about fic now that I've got a bit of time to read some again. But I am not a big fan of Yuletide—I'm up to the "T" fandoms that I know and so far I've only got Texts from Cephalopods to recommend, along with about 10,000 other people, based on a possibly bogus YouTube video we watched when we saw the name of the "fandom"—and a couple of enjoyable Inception stories of late, Late Night Phone Call by [ profile] sparkledark and The Lost Art of Keeping a Secret by [ profile] eleveninches. Need to check out [ profile] sga_santa and see if there's anything good over there. It's nice that the rare pairings (by which we mean everything that isn't McKay/Sheppard and Rodney/Jennifer, and maybe Sheppard/Weir and Sheppard/Teyla) are growing ever more numerous as the years pass since the show ended.

…Whoops, my friend just called to remind me that she and her husband and their puppy are coming over tomorrow evening for dinner. Guess I'd better figure out what they'll be fed.
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I haven't read many entries at the Porn Battle, but I thought this one was great, especially in the tone and character voices:

The Taste of Lies by hammerxsword (Game of Thrones, Petyr "Littlefinger" Baelish/Sansa Stark)

Any other recommendations? Fandom doesn't matter if the kink appeals.


I rearranged the RSS feeds on my home page and now The Onion is beneath The NY Times. This has resulted in more than a few double-takes as I scan the headlines. It's excellent.


Also, I posted a vid on the weekend, the long-time-coming Oliver! one for SGA, if you didn't see. It's been quiet around here the last few weeks, even aside from the LJ outage.

I am determined to write something this weekend. *determined face*
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Where did my Monday go? Oh, right, it disappeared into 5,300 words of consent play essay. Whoops.

It went up on [community profile] kink_bingo this morning here as part of the ramp-up to the next round (which starts tomorrow, plug plug) and has already generated some wonderfully thought-provoking comments that I need to try to respond to intelligently.

For my own OCD archiving needs and for the sake of anyone who might not like reading or commenting on Dreamwidth, the essay is reposted in its entirety below. Hope you like it. *insert noncon joke here*

* * *

Force Me, Please: On Noncon and Noncon Play in Fanfic

This is an essay about nonconsensual sex (noncon) and noncon roleplay in fanfic, why I love them, why they may work for other people, and how approximately one zillion kinks complement them. With 45 recs sprinkled throughout.

A bit about where I'm coming from )

What this essay will not cover )

On the difference between fantasy and reality; ethical dilemmas; freedom of kink )

Making distinctions: noncon vs. play, and all the shades of gray )

Ruminations on why this kink is attractive )

Great tastes that taste great together )

And in conclusion… )

* * *

Thank you again to those of you who chimed in when I asked under f-lock for thoughts on why consent play works. If you'd like to be credited for anything, just let me know and I'll amend.

Questions, comments, recommendations, requests to go into more depth, all welcome as always. I'd love to keep the conversation all together at the original post, but feel free to comment wherever you're more comfortable.
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Attention once again, local people: Santa Claus Leonard Nimoy is coming to town. Specifically, to a temple in Rockville, MD, in May. You, too, can try for a ticket (general admission is double chai, $36).


In other news, I got my first and hopefully only sunburn of the season on Sunday while performing in the D.C. St. Patrick's Day parade. WTF, Washington. Sunburn in mid-March? Remind me why I moved here?

But it was cool to be in a parade. And cool to be one of the people being watched, doing those nifty-looking Riverdance-type steps, rather than one of the admirers.

In other other news, Vividcon snuck up on me. Deadlines for vid submissions start in about six weeks, I think. At least, Club Vivid submissions are due May 1; those are new vids set to dance songs, and they play them at a party at the con while people drink and dance and sort of half-watch the vids. I may try to do one.... There's a song I heard on the hip-hop station that I like, and that could work for a multifandom fight-as-dance thing. What I should do are any of the four or five serious vids I meant to do last year but haven't finished. Yet the idea of throwing something together to a beat is tempting. Will it break the dam so I can finish the others? Or will it get me all tied up in knots as usual because it's too ambitious an idea in too little time?

Here, have some fic recs. Fic fixes everything.
  • The Wind on the Mountain by starlingthefool (Inception) - This one, you need to know the canon for. Really excellent story. Well-depicted platonic relationships all around, fascinating journey of discovery for Ariadne, hot Ariadne/Arthur/Eames in the first section.
  • Jailbait!Arthur and the Joys of Anal Sex by five_ht (Inception) - And this one you don't need to know canon for. Slightly underage boy convinces young man to take him to bed. Hot hot. Lovely positions and sexual awakening.
  • Slide by anonymous (SGA) - In which John offers himself to a dominant AU!Woolsey to protect his team, only it doesn't end up like that at all. BDSM. Issues of consent.
  • Love of his Fucking Life by anonymous (SGA) - Tentacles and eroticized noncon. In which the city's metal probe slides in to conduct repairs, and John writhes in a confined pod - first for one reason, and then for another.
  • ETA: Sugar Spell It Out by notfar (Glee) - A powerful story and a satisfying read. I've only seen a couple of episodes, but the character voices and tones -- especially Sue Sylvester's -- seemed pitch-perfect. Warning for underage noncon, not of the erotic variety.


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