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Well, I didn't manage to do much vidding other than prep work for that Halloween vid. Everything was not in fact clipped, only ripped. Then I had to hook up the portable A/C because summer has finally decided to be super gross again, which meant losing my chair space.

It was quite the productive three-and-a-half-day weekend, though! Lookit: )

Most fun of all was being charmed by two movies expected to be terrible: Vampire Academy and The Pacifier.


Vampire Academy was the next movie up at the semi-regular local fangirl MST3K gathering. One attendee had promised it really wasn't awful, and we found this to be true! I mean, it suffered from exposition overload and facepalmy lines and American butchering of Romanian words and supposed high school-aged girls who look like Victoria's Secret models and talk like the Family Guy parody of Gilmore Girls -- think Ellen Page playing Kat Dennings -- but on a scale that has included The Host; I, Frankenstein; Mortal Instruments; and Man of Steel, it came out head and shoulders on top. Perhaps best watched in that kind of setting, though?

Points in its favor: Feminism everywhere! Female friendship with f/f undertones at the core of the story! Love interests who don't try to compete with that! Gabriel Byrne! More mythology than could fit into a movie = room to expand in your imagination! Casting an actual Russian man to play a Russian! And my personal favorite, surprise student/teacher // trainer/trainee stuff! I am all over that. Especially when he has long hair. (Don't look, [ profile] daasgrrl.)

Best/worst line: "They say Dimitri is a god. But I am an atheist. An atheist with a big gun."

In conclusion: I was sad to find there aren't any fics for the movie on the AO3 and it only got a 9% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Ouch.


Then a surprise delight with The Pacifier. Not trying to hide anything, I totally watched it because it was one of the only Vin Diesel movies I hadn't seen yet on Netflix. It wasn't nearly as dumb as it sounded! In fact, it was quite cute. He played up his goofy side and had Hallmark family moments while also getting to kick ass, Disney style. It wasn't perfect or anything; being a kid-friendly comedy, his character was able to achieve superhuman feats of family-fixing in two weeks, and Brad Garrett's vice principal was seriously creepy in a sexually charged power abuse way that would have been better explored in a different kind of movie because this one called for a comedic ending. But it was quite charming and not as far into caricature as I'd anticipated. I apologize to everyone I made fun of 10 years ago for seeing this.

For the record, this one got a whole 20% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

(Bonus: spent some time trying to figure out where I'd seen and appreciated the face of the commanding officer before. Turns out he played Doctor David on Queer as Folk. Blast from the past, wow. Also, yum.)
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Speaking of ways to celebrate National Poetry Month, on Friday [ profile] ellen_fremedon, [ profile] recrudescence, new friend [ profile] bloodygoodgirl and I went to see The Improvised Shakespeare Company, who'd popped over from Chicago for one night/two shows. Excellent times! The all-male troupe selects a title from suggestions thrown out by the audience and then spends 60 to 75 minutes improvising a complete play in quasi-Elizabethan English, often rhyming and sometimes even in meter, without props or costumes. Plus they incorporate tropes from Shakespeare, a bonus I hadn't been expecting; our play, "Bed of Thorns," featured mistaken identity, cross-dressing, a Polonius-like lecturing father, the wooing of a lady in a garden, a murder plot, a silly party song and a misplaced turkey. Also a servant named Humble and a pair of "Frenchmen" with Spanish names and exaggerated pan-European-into-Russian accents.

They joked, they punned, they clowned, they constructed impressive couplets on the fly, they broke for anachronistic asides at appropriate moments. Some managed to play two roles in the same scene. They cracked us and occasionally one another up. (It was fun to watch the troupe members on the sides of the stage laugh when they were watching their companions perform.) They sometimes struggled to finish lines or find rhymes, and rather than feeling awkward that was often made to be funny too, especially when other troupe members jumped in or when they chose something utterly ridiculous because it was the only phrase that fit. And what began in the prologue as a binary man/woman love story ended with one guy falling for another guy posing as a woman (even after learning he was not a woman) and what looked like it was going to be a happy FMM poly marriage. Then things took a sudden turn for the tragic and everybody died. Like, everybody. (Stabbings purposeful and accidental, suicide by tryptophan allergy, and a hanging with the intestines of one of the recently dead as they'd used up all the invisible daggers and swords. All within maybe two minutes.) Except the blind seer. He survived to deliver the moral.

I'd warn for spoilers, but as the lead troupe member (who sort of looked like Joseph Morgan from The Vampire Diaries) pointed out during the intro, we were treated to the world premiere -- "assuming a linear theory of time, that is" -- and also the only performance of "Bed of Thorns" the world will ever know.

Good times had by all. Just so impressive, creative and fun. No wonder [ profile] bloodygoodgirl used to see them so often when she lived in Chicago. Recommended if they're ever in a town near you!
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TV shows that I watch:
- The Vampire Diaries
- Project Runway
- Community
- Archer
- ~Continuum

TV shows that air on Thursday evenings:
- The Vampire Diaries
- Project Runway
- Community
- Archer

Thursday evenings are also one of the three times a week I have a recurring appointment/activity. Sigh. Now we will see if the DVR (which I finally broke down and bought because I was seriously weighing not playing a sport so I could watch my shows) can record simultaneous programming.

(Hi! It's almost Friday! I was supposed to go to NY this weekend for a milestone birthday of my father's, but the airline suggested that was not a good idea on account of oncoming blizzard, so that will happen at the end of the month and now there will be free time! Curtains may happen!)

(TBD whether exclamation marks actually make a day more exciting.)
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Question for Festividders (and Yuletiders, if you replace "vid" with "fic" below) or anyone who might have opinions on fandom challenges: What are your sign-up strategies? How do you decide on requesting vs. offering, offering vs. saving for a possible treat, offering or treat-ing vs. just making a rare-fandom vid outside of Festivids (downside: fewer viewers), and offering a source that you don't have a backup idea for? If you've gotten stuck with assignments in past years because of these choices, how did you handle it?

Specifically, I am wrestling with these situations:
  • In past years, I've been able to split shows and movies into "I want to make that" (offer) or "I want someone to make that for me" (request) with little overlap, but this year it's causing me more trouble. For instance, I like [movie] and I'd like to ask for an awesome vid of [movie], but I also have a vid idea for [movie], so I'm thinking of offering it and requesting it. The chance of getting matched on the same source in both directions is slim, right? But then, what if we make similar vids? Or, if I request [movie] but don't offer it, and then I go and make a vid of [movie] in the next month or whatever, and it turns out that [movie] is what my vidder got matched on, might they be upset? ...Probably I'm just overthinking this. ETA: Figured this one out; I'm making one and requesting one.

  • I like [show], too, but it's one of the more popular ones on the list. At least, it is in RL. Should I offer [show], because I like my backup idea, or should I save it to make as a treat for someone, because then I'll be sure to get matched on something rarer? ETA: Problem solved; the source was disqualified.

  • I love [film] and have watched it many times. I don't really have any vid ideas for it. If I offer it and it gets matched, I could most likely do what the requestor wants. But they might not have any specific requests. Do I offer, or just wait and see if anyone puts it on their Dear Festividder lists and maybe make a treat? (Now multiply this by three sources.)

I'm trying not to make decisions based on what I know of specific people's tastes. I'm guessing that if a source got nominated by someone other than me, I'm more likely to get matched on it if I offer it than if I request it, and vice versa. I'm also trying to think about how happy I'd be if [source whatever] were my match and the only vid I was able to make this round. Guesses, guesses. Questions, questions. Festivids!

(Can you tell I've been going through the now-annual tradition of reading the nominations list alongside my music list to come up with an initial brainstorm of vid ideas? Once again, there's a handful of exciting possibilities, plus a few leftovers from last year, and who knows what the actual assignment will bring.)
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In addition to the wet/messy/dirty character/actor cups, I made items for last night's birthday party to score a line bingo. This is a diagonal on my card from upper left to lower right, filling the squares for anonymity, confined/caged, tentacles, medical kink and breathplay.


Photobucket   Photobucket   Photobucket   Photobucket   Photobucket

Close-ups and step-by-step processes behind the cuts:

Anonymity )

Confined/Caged )

Free square: Tentacles )

Medical Kink )

Breathplay )

Guest contributions

Of course, I was not the only one who brought stuff to the party. Among the other amusing, clever and/or delicious offerings were:

vanilla kink from alpheratz, a plethora of kinky drinks and ageplay items from deelaundry, a gag/blindfold combo from cinco, sort-of-vehicular from v_greyson, a furry cake from synn, and more. )

And that, I believe, about covers it! It was great fun, and I'm glad to be able to share it with you.

Will post the vid list at some later point here.
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So! I held a birthday party last night with some local fan friends and declared the food theme to be Kink Bingo. It was a lot of fun to brainstorm for, prepare, share and finally eat while we watched vids. It also took quite a bit of researching and kitchen work, ha, since I ended up making about six different kinds of snacks, but it was worth it for sure.

Photobucket   Photobucket

First, I did a set of Jell-O and pudding cups for my "wet/messy/dirty" square. Inspiration came from a Pinterest pic.

Close-ups, plus step-by-step prep shots )

Okay, we will stop there for Bingo card simplicity. Coming up as soon as I wrangle the photos etc.: anonymity, medical kink, tentacles, breathplay, confined/caged, and more.

ETA: And here is part two.
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1. A coworker in all earnestness today was telling me about how she gets shoulder pain from time to time because she sleeps with her arms over her head and it stretches the tissues too far, but she can't control it, so one time she tried tying her elbows to her torso with a bathrobe sash, only she woke up in the middle of the night with her arms over her head and the sash across her throat, so then she tried tying each wrist to its corresponding leg, only she woke up because her arm was straining to pull free. Do you know how hard it was not to respond with anything involving the phrase "self-bondage."

2. At a recent get-together a group of us was talking about a possible local swinging community and the rumor that couples put pineapples on their front porches to indicate their receptiveness to partner swaps. (N.B.: This post makes my office conversations sound much more exciting than they are in reality.) This same coworker, who is a few years older than me, responded with a jovial declaration that her aunt and uncle met swinging. We said, That is an awesome story! Tell us more! And she said, Yeah, they both like swing dancing and they went out one night to the same event. And we said, …We are talking about a different kind of swinging. And she said, What other kind is there? And then her face went an interesting shade of red and she disavowed any knowledge or participation on her relatives' behalf.

3. My friend and her husband brought me a pineapple when they visited yesterday. Based on past conversation I am sure they are not aware of its potential pineappley meaning.


…See, the thing is, I got so used to adoring Sebastian when no one knew who he was and he only appeared in occasional movies and TV shows and one Geocities fan page with a purple tiled background and those gif flames that now it's sort of a shock to see the number of Google results and hear that he's on Twitter and find that many friends have heard of him because he's been on Fringe and Supernatural and whatnot these past couple of seasons, not just Roar and Odyssey 5 and the Earthsea miniseries all of which like ten people watched, or General Hospital, which even I didn't watch. Now I, who once managed the only Sebastian Roche fan page domain on the internet, have catch-up to do to see what new info is out there about him. Glory!

I just, I miss his beautiful hair.

(Wow, I sound hyper. Actually it is just the tiredness. [She said, slumped on the couch for the last six hours.] Who needs alcohol to lower inhibitions when one has insomnia-inducing hormones? Also rice pudding.)
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Happy almost-Passover! And happy almost-almost-Easter, and happy spring break to those of you on U.S. academic calendars. To the rest I wish a happy Monday, if that is possible.

I am celebrating by writing self-indulgent porn at 10 a.m. There is a chicken for roasting later, matzo balls in a jar ready to be be-souped, gefilte fish longing to be laid out on lettuce, a sweet potato aching for baking. Okay, that rhyme was terrible. I'm sorry, National Poetry Month.


Okay, no, not /weird. You know what is weird? How a holiday that is in part about how the fleeing slaves had no time for their bread to rise has become an occasion to spend hours and hours preparing food that we can eat so long as it doesn't have yeast or flour in it.

In which we switch topics to fandom

You know what some people would find weird but I thought was pretty great? This SGA kink meme fill of a bestiality prompt, which is about how Sheppard bonds with a sentient creature when they're both captive in a prison cell, and which is less bestiality in the classical sense (copulation with an animal) than it is about connecting with an intelligent beast-looking creature with a different language and behavior. Sort of like Chewbacca? Not to say that it isn't dirty-wrong-hot too, complete with drugs and dubcon and multiple orgasms and non-beast noncon. Looks like the author created an LJ just to post it; I wonder if it's a known author in fandom who was conflicted about being associated with it. But seriously, thumbs up.

In which we pause to consider the juxtaposition of the above segments


In which we accept the odd contradictions that comprise my life and continue on as usual

I'd also like to rec an Inception fill that once again features underage!Arthur and 20-something!Eames, but I think I will save it for a short while in the hope that my Kink Bingo card has an ageplay square on it so I can compile these AU recs along with a handful of SGA stories that take the trope to really interesting places.

Movies I have seen lately that are good but may not get the write-ups they deserve so I may as well just list them:

Okay, going away now before something even stranger comes out of my keyboard.
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I have not been watching the Oscars because I trekked (ha) over to Arlington with [ profile] deelaundry, [personal profile] ellen_fremedon and [ profile] greenygal to attend By Any Other Name: An Evening of Shakespeare in Klingon. This included Washington Shakespeare Company board president, linguist and Klingon inventor Mark Okrand giving an introductory talk about the origins and grammar of Klingon, followed by scenes from Much Ado About Nothing and Hamlet in Elizabethan English and in "the original Klingon" (assisted by a literal translation), and Stephen Fry doing the whole Q&A in a Klingon headpiece.

Yes, I said Stephen Fry! Though not advertised on the original Groupon announcement or I would have mentioned it at the time, he was the guest of honor as part of a BBC series he's producing about language. Great fun to hear him deliver his two Klingon lines ("A hit! A palpable hit!"), although he hammed it up a bit too much, and he was eloquent as usual when people asked questions afterwards. He did fun caricatures of McCoy, Kirk, Picard and someone else I've already forgotten,* and mentioned a uni essay he'd done comparing Trek ethics to Nietzsche's argument that tragedy is a tension between the Apollonian and Dionysian ideals, with Spock and various planets the essence of logic in too pure a form and McCoy and various other planets the embodiment of emotion or violence taken too far, and Kirk as the perfect being, balancing between them.

*Mark Okrand's blink-and-you'll-miss-it impression of Christopher Lloyd beat them out, though.

Also I now have a bright red t-shirt with the Klingon empire sigil on the front and "Klingon Security" written across the back. I shall wear it to dance class, since I have been cultivating a reputation for having unusual t-shirts (see also: squid and Dark Mark).

And now, for bed.
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Hallo friends, I am poking my head out from my nest of apathy to call attention to anyone in the area who wants to join a theater full of people viewing a BBC recording of the Washington Shakespeare Company performing highlights in Klingon at the end of February.
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He carried a bottle of blue Curaçao 250 miles so we could make Romulan ale and watch Garak episodes.

I think my blood is running blue now, but it was fun.

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Last night one of our professors hosted a dinner party at his house near Walden Pond. Towards the end of the night, all smiles, (and in many cases, after several glasses of wine,) he was asking a few of us where we'll be doing our internships, and my classmate G. mentioned that I'll be in the same city with her. The ensuing exchange went something like:

Me: Yeah, we'll be the D.C. twins, in the sense of not being twins at all!
G: We'll hang out together!
Me: Meaning she'll keep inviting me to go out to parties, and eventually it'll work.
G: No, no, we can just go out to dinner or something if you want. There doesn't have to be any fun involved.

After a second in which we all started laughing, she said, Oh God, I didn't mean it like that! Except she's right. Ha.


I've started like four fics in the last week and none of them are going well, because by the time I get into them I realize I can't put off my work anymore. First of all, let this be a lesson that writing a story because you don't want to work on something else is not a good idea for the story or for you. Secondly, it's finally sinking in that classes end in less than a month. I'm not ready yet. I don't want it to be over. It's making me sad, and put off my assignments, and read massive amounts of fic in the meantime, which makes me hate myself. Yeah, I know, my problems are so significant.

Happy things: I had a picnic with [ profile] ignazwisdom on Friday when the temperature rose and the sun came out. Last night was the party thing. Today I got to visit [ profile] elynittria and meet her beautiful Siamese cat—who made her opinion of me very clear in the longest, most heartfelt growls I've ever heard a cat make—and play Scrabble and watch the first few episodes of Life on Mars. I'll miss being near her and Iggy when I move. But we're talking about happy things. I might actually finish one of the aforementioned little stories, which is not RPS but is the closest I've ever come to it. Wait, that's a lie. It's the closest I've come to it that doesn't involve former professors of mine. (Names were changed to protect the innocent, etc.)
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Since it seems like many of us are anticipating ice or snow tonight, here is Richard Shindell's foot-tappin' Waiting for the Storm, even though that is about a hurricane. You can never have enough Richard Shindell.

Here in Boston we have been promised a few inches of snow. It's 14 degrees out; it'd better snow. Plowed piles from the last few storms' worth still haven't melted. The dirty tops have interesting, deep icy crusts.

Thankfully, it looks like the weather's gonna clear by Thursday when I fly. It'll be nice to take the trip, although I could use another week or three right now to do all my work. Caught a cold after my sister visited last week (no connection; she's fine) and lost a few days.

To have something for the flight, I picked up Neil deGrasse Tyson's new book tonight, (a) because I like him and (b) because he's doing a book signing nearby next month, so I may as well read it first. Disappointingly, it is for young people. The font is big and the pages glossy and there are a lot of pictures. Many of which are of Tyson. Including one on the back where he's straddling a large telescope and smirking. Wow.

Bill Nye wrote a blurb for it about "the first of the plutoids," pretty much recapitulating his line on SGA. Or maybe it was the other way around.

Stop me from having more thoughts of McKay/Tyson/Nye angry!sex, please. ...I would at least need an "I'm going to the special hell" icon.

On that note:

[Poll #1338836]

Mmrph. It was such a bad idea to stay up so late last night to write the Wilson/Cuddy thing. I only slept five hours afterwards. All I could handle this morning was fiddling around with PowerPoint for a presentation I have to give next week. Hm. Should I be juvenile and make a joke about how a box of parts sounds like S&M toys? (i.e. penetrators, switches, butt connectors, and of course nuts and screws.)
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I've been going to this film series on Richard Feynman these last couple of weeks. Why didn't anyone ever tell me that he was not only a genius but also really good looking? )

Speaking of which. RIP, Ricardo Montalban. Even though Yahoo said you were best known for Fantasy Island, you'll always be Khan to me.

Today's random fact for SGA fans: I was told today that chopper pilots who've flown in Middle East deserts are best suited to land lunar modules, because the featureless dunes are the closest thing on Earth to the dark, shadowy landscape of the moon. In addition to being used to maneuvering in more dimensions that those who fly the shuttle or airplanes, the pilots are more prone to trust on-board navigational computers rather than trying to judge by looking out the window when there's no way to grasp any sense of scale.
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I'm bummed that Star Trek: The Experience is closing. A friend just told me last night, and it's closing on Monday. For a crazy few minutes, we talked about the feasibility of getting plane tickets there and back before the semester starts. But of course that would not be the best idea, so here is an in memoriam post about it instead.

DS9 was one of the top two most intense fannish experiences I've ever had (up there with Buffy the Vampire Slayer), and I looked forward to being able to walk down the life-sized replica of a section of the Promenade one day, complete with second level and a full-service Quark's Bar. I've had a few opportunities over the years to go out to Vegas -- the only real attraction of which for me was the Promenade, besides "having been to Las Vegas" -- but I always pushed it back for a more convenient time. I figured the Promenade would still be there. And now it won't be. (To add insult to injury, rumor has it that the larger props and sets will be destroyed when the exhibits are dismantled, as shipping is too expensive.) Alas.


In happier news, [ profile] elynittria drove down today for lunch* and Scrabble, and it was lovely. Two introverts, both alike in dignity, managed to make an entire afternoon of pleasant conversation about work and school and life and fun and film and food and flight and fandom and words and various miscellany. Like I said to her as our time together drew to a close, neither of us ran away screaming, so with luck we'll be able to do this again sometime.

LJ: It can be a wonderful thing.

* At the Miracle of Science Café, where one orders from the periodic table of menu elements. Sometimes I suspect the area around MIT is geekier than MIT itself. [ profile] elynittria suggests I wait to pass judgment until I know the school better.


Snippet of conversation at dinner last night, when nine of us were trying to calculate what we each owed, between food, orientation subsidy, tax and gratuity:

Me: Can't we make the mathematician do this?
Mathematician: No, I do pure maths. We don't work with numbers. Make the economist do it.
Economist: Oh, no. No. We just assign variables to things.

In the end, we all did what any large group does when splitting the check: tossed in some bills and hoped it totaled properly.


May. 25th, 2008 10:27 am
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If xeno- means alien, and zoo- means animal, then would the study of the psychology of alien animals be xenozoopsychology, or -- since I can't find a field that uses both prefixes -- does the xeno- get used alone, perhaps because we don't know what's an alien-person and what's an alien-beast?
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Taking a page out of [ profile] topaz_eyes's book and writing up a little bit way too much about how MY REMIXER WINS THE INTERNET, no matter what anyone else says about his/her remixer.

I've left a couple of happy comments to the sestina, Load Cycle (The Breaking Free Remix), but Harmony (The Music Moving Remix) still knocks me breathless and needs more space in which to be squeed about celebrated.

It could be a case study in a How to Write a Remix manual. )

So, yes. That was—heh—sort of the abridged version. I haven't offered ficlets to people who guess my own remixes, because I think one is obvious and I think none of you have read the other, but I will give an e-cookie to anyone who actually read this.

Remixer-person (and I think I know who you are, if you are indeed someone from the fandom), if you're reading this, if you couldn't tell from this sad equivalent of a love letter, I am still, one week later, absolutely awestruck by "Harmony," both as a remix and as a story in its own right. Every time I come back I see something new, and marvel at the phrasing and dialogue all over again. I honestly couldn't have hoped for a remix as good as this.
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Yesterday marked the one-year anniversary of my first post. Tonight heralds the start of autumn and the commencement of Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish new year. (A very happy New Year to those who are observing.) Altogether a good time for a little recap. There was going to be a bunch of ficlets to celebrate, but they're not done yet, so it'll just be this navel-gazing for now.

This year on LJ, I:
  • Learned how to craft posts that weren't bloated with two or three posts' worth of information. (This one is my favorite cringe-worthy example.)
  • Discovered the joy of giving and receiving feedback.
  • Fell hard into House fandom and became part of an online community for the first time instead of watching from the outskirts or participating mainly in conferences/conventions.
  • Posted five pieces of fanfiction in two fandoms, totalling 19,700 words (with another 4,000 of Spike story and 1,400 of ficlets on my computer getting worked on). Have been thrilled to see several of them Memory'd and included on people's fic rec lists.
  • Held a month-long Memoryfest (friends-locked).
  • Hosted a birthday talk-about-your-usernames festival. (Still open! Drop in if you haven't yet.)
  • Befriended people I've never met and didn't have plans to meet.
  • From an initial list of six or seven friends, became "friend of" 56 people/communities (!), 54 of which are legitimate and 20 of whom I know in real life. Also known as the discovery of the golden rule, Create and Ye Shall Be Friended.
  • Wrote 176 posts, including reviews for 26+ movies, two plays, half a dozen ballets, nine books, and a lot of episodes of House. May I take a moment to apologize again to all the Harry Potter people who've put up with that last?
  • Found out exactly how much LiveJournal eats one's life.

Top Commenters on [ profile] bironic's LiveJournal

1[ profile] kabale140 140
2[ profile] catilinarian130 130
3[ profile] daasgrrl66 66
4[ profile] maddy_harrigan56 56
5[ profile] michelle_nine42 42
6[ profile] synn37 37
7[ profile] firestorm71731 31
8[ profile] musicisbelievng21 21
9[ profile] captain_tulip20 20
10[ profile] thewlisian_afer19 19
11-52 )
Report generated 9/22/2006 10:02:44 PM by [ profile] scrapdog's LJ Comment Stats Wizard 1.7

(I've excised all the one-comment-ers. It's too bad this doesn't take into account comments on my posts in other communities.) Not surprising that six of the top ten are people I know personally, including a sister and some very good friends. [ profile] kabale still holds the top spot after enthusiastic participation in the Memoryfest. [ profile] daasgrrl, my goodness, you've shot up quickly. [ profile] thewlisian_afer, I like how we hold parallel spots in each other's graphs.

Next year on LJ, I hope to:
  • Hold another Memoryfest for all and sundry, probably in January.
  • Meet some of you lovelies who live within driving distance, and perhaps some who don't.
  • Improve my commenting skills so I can say in one paragraph what it now takes four to cover.
  • Write more.
And in that vein, it's time to work on those ficlets.

In the meantime, TELL ME on this day of reflection: How has LiveJournal affected your life? (How) have you changed your posting style since starting? Did you make promises to yourself that you've kept or broken? Etc. Fellow LJ addict wants to know.
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Best. Weekend. Ever.

Well, a very, very good weekend, anyway, and one which seems that much more wonderful when compared to the stress of life lately.

Why, you ask? Let us see.

I. In which she awakes one morning to find herself famous. )

II. In which RSL and his forearms perform Shakespeare eight feet away. )

Have one more point to make about Hal/Wilson and Falstaff/House parallels noticed by virtue of RSL having played both parts, but it's late now. Tomorrow perhaps.

ETA: I've posted it over here.

ETA 2: Some lovely soul on the TWOP forum posted the soliloquy I couldn't place. Shades of Puck, indeed! "I'll so offend, to make offense a skill."

ETA 3: Photos available, finally! Shoddy quality but better than nothing.

Forearms and glasses -- you know you wanna look. )


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